The MCC Steering Committee generally meets once or twice a year to discuss key issues and review activities. Committees meet as needed to develop recommendations and MCC representatives actively participate in various consultation meetings throughout the year. The following MCC Operating Protocol (PDF) and MCC Conservation Principles (PDF) provide more detail on how the MCC operates and the principles that guide decisions and recommendations.    

MCC Membership

Participation in the MCC is primarily as either a Steering Committee member or as a member of an issue-specific Committee. The Steering Committee is responsible for the management and oversight of MCC activities and consists of the nine core member groups. Issue specific committee participants are drawn broadly from the marine conservation community, subject to their interest and expertise on the issue and review by the MCC Steering Committee. If your group is interested in joining the MCC please first review the information on the rest of this website and the criteria outlined in the New Membership Application Policy (PDF). If your group feels it would be a good fit with the caucus, or if you are interested in participating with a specific MCC Committee, contact the MCC Secretariat for more information.