MCC Salmon Committee sends letter to Terry Beech

On February 8, the MCC Salmon Committee sent a letter to Terry Beech, MP, and recently appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and Canadian Coast Guard.

The letter introduces the MCC to Terry Beech and our current priorities in salmon management:

  • Ensuring recovery of at-risk salmon species
  • Improving transparency and openness, ensuring precautionary management, and reducing overfishing of at-risk stocks in Pacific salmon fisheries
  • Implementing the recommendations of the Cohen Inquiry
  • Implementing Canada’s Policy for the Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon (a.k.a., the Wild Salmon Policy or WSP), which is a key focus of the Cohen recommendations
  • Improving compliance and monitoring in Pacific salmon fisheries

We have also asked for a meeting with him to discuss two particularly pressing matters: (1) DFO’s current efforts to weaken the Wild Salmon Policy, which was brought in by the previous Liberal government, and (2) the coastwide crisis in stock assessment funding for Pacific salmon, which hit a historic low in 2016.

Read the full letter: 2017-02-08 MCC SC letter to Terry Beech

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