Committees and appointments

The MCC Steering Committee will establish issue-specific committees to fulfill its mandate. Committee participants are drawn broadly from the marine conservation community, subject to review by the MCC Steering Committee. Our current, active committees and participant groups are:


(fisheries management, Wild Salmon Policy, SARA)

  • David Suzuki Foundation (Jeffery Young);
  • Pacific Streamkeepers Federation (ZoAnn Morten);
  • Raincoast Conservation Foundation (Misty MacDuffee);
  • SkeenaWild Conservation Trust (Greg Knox);
  • Watershed Watch (Aaron Hill, Greg Taylor, Stan Proboszcz);
  • Steelhead Society of BC (Paul Bech)


(rockfish/lingcod, halibut, Integrated Groundfish Management, RCAs)

  • David Suzuki Foundation (Scott Wallace)
  • Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society;
  • Living Oceans Society;
  • World Wildlife Fund;

Pelagic Species

(herring, tuna and sardines)

  • David Suzuki Foundation (Scott Wallace);
  • Living Oceans Society;
  • World Wildlife Fund;

Marine Mammals

  • David Suzuki Foundation (Scott Wallace);