Committees and appointments

The MCC Steering Committee uses issue-specific committees to fulfil its mandate. Committee participants are drawn broadly from the marine conservation community, subject to review by the MCC Steering Committee. Our current active committees are:


(Salmon Fisheries management including the Wild Salmon Policy, PSSI, COSEWIC & SARA, SRKWs)

  • Coastal Rivers Conservancy (Scott Carlson)
  • David Suzuki Foundation (Jeffery Young)
  • Pacific Streamkeepers Federation (ZoAnn Morten)
  • Raincoast Conservation Foundation (Misty MacDuffee)
  • SkeenaWild Conservation Trust (Greg Knox)
  • Steelhead Society of BC (Paul Bech)
  • Watershed Watch (Aaron Hill, Greg Taylor)

Pelagic Species

(Herring, tuna and sardine IFMPs)

  • David Suzuki Foundation

Marine Mammals

  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • Raincoast Conservation Foundation