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MCC Response to draft 2022/2023 Pacific Herring Food and Bait and Special Use Plans

On November 16, 2022, the Pacific Marine Conservation Caucus (MCC) submitted the following letter in response to the draft 2022/2023 Pacific herring Food & Bait and Special Use (FB/SU) commercial fishery plans.

Unlike previous years, the draft 2022/2023 FB/SU plans do not include an initial amount for proposed quota allocations to these fisheries. Therefore, we will instead use this opportunity to outline our position on several key issues for the herring fisheries in the Strait of Georgia (SoG).

The letter provides details on the following:

  1. Concerns around management procedures and a precautionary approach to 2023 fisheries
  2. Population structure

Please see the letter below for additional details.

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